Marie Valton: the actress, designer gave birth to  two   babies.

The "mother" of MELLIPOU Marie Valton is a "versatile artist" but artist foremost. From the world of the show, the  stage was her life. She burned boards, scenes and trays, dancing, singing, playing the comedy, always passionate as if it were the first time. Then one day the artist became a mother. Seeking to shout to the whole world the joy of  finally being mother, she has long tried to find a pretty  music box to lull her daughter. In vain! All she found was cutesy, conventional, far from being up to what she expected. Can not find "The" music box that can meet  their requirements both in terms of musical style design. Never mind, she gets behind her sewing machine to make  the music box she dreamed and was the first of a long series.

MELLIPOU, what is it?

MELLIPOU is a whole range of music boxes for babies and  teenagers over 30 years. Falling asleep or you wake up  with tubes, choices, please, from a dozen all original  melodies. A simple mode ultra employment and free after sales service! And yes MELLIPOU has specially created a  task force in the eventuality where the music box would  not have the desired effect, the STAFF moves and finishes  the job! Do not worry so far we did not moved.